«The Agency acted promptly and was able to illustrate each candidate’s characteristics and personality in a clear and exhaustive way. The specific preselection was really useful»
Gian Guido Roggia (VESTEBENE)

A list of selected clients:

  • Benetton Undercolors S.r.l. (Benetton)
  • Altana S.p.a. (Amore)
  • Imap Export S.p.a. (Original Marines)
  • Tessilform S.p.a. (Patrizia Pepe Baby e Junior)
  • Miniconf S.p.a. (Sarabanda, Minibanda, I DO, Mignolo)
  • Rodel S.p.a. (Cinzia Rocca)
  • Artsana S.p.a. (Chicco)
  • Filpucci S.p.a. (collezione filati Filpucci)
  • BVM S.p.a. (Les Copains)
  • Plus It S.p.a. (GF Ferrè, Just Cavalli accessori)
  • Miroglio Fashion S.r.l. (Fiorella Rubino, Luisa Viola, Claudia Gil, Blu Time, E.Miro')
  • Gallo S.p.a. (Gallo, Dorè Dorè)
  • Gianfranco Ferrè S.p.a. (Gianfranco Ferrè accessori)
  • Fabiana Filippi S.r.l. (Fabiana Filippi)
  • Shanghai Able Garments Co., LTD (ABLE Jeans)
  • Consolidated Retail Egypt (OR)
  • Sawary Jeans Brazil (Sawary)
  • Grenalina Investment Limited Moscow, Russia (TVOE)
  • Al-Harithy Tailors Jeddah Arabia Saudita (uniform for Saudi Arabian Airlines)
  • SAS Egypt ( JB Collection )
  • Shamsi FOR Trading & Agencies Co. Egypt (Dalydress)
  • CAF Konfeksiyon Istanbul Turkey (Zeplin)
  • KOM A.S. Istanbul Turkey (KOM)
  • Scala Collections LTD London, UK (Artigiano, Spirito)
  • Calida Ag. Switzerland (Calida)
  • P.B.H. S.A. Poland (Quiosque)
  • Toppy International LTD Hong Kong
  • Triumph Internationa - Germany (Triumph)
  • Unitefi Lda. Portugal
  • Viuda de Jose Biosca Riera S.A. Spain (Escorpion)

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