Studio De Rosa is a qualified intermediary able to find the best fashion designers for the corporate requirements of any company.

Clients of Studio De Rosa are guaranteed the services of a reliable and competent intermediary capable of interpreting the real needs of their business, ranging from collection type to available budget, and translating them into the choice of the right designer.

The percentage of customer satisfaction is very high: whoever comes to us can be confident that they will find a designer that perfectly matches their search.

The typical designer selected by Studio De Rosa is not only a good creative, but above all a professional ready to meet corporate demands with precise design goals and clear ideas on how to achieve them.

To designers, the agency offers the opportunity to promote their work and expertise far and wide over a national and international network consolidated in nearly thirty years of specialized experience in the fashion sector.

The agency also takes care of drafting and defining contracts for companies and designers, ensuring with their professionalism the proper and correct execution of the agreements concluded.

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