An agency with thirty years of expertise in bringing Italian style all over the world. Over 300 companies and 100 fashion designers involved in a network of national and international contacts.

The first Italian fashion designer’s agency and one of the most important in the world, in its 30 years of activity Studio de Rosa has worked with over 300 companies, including some of the most prestigious Italian fashion brands, and has represented more than 100 Italian and international designers active in all sectors of the fashion industry.

Studio De Rosa was founded in 1988 by Maria Clara De Rosa, whose insight was behind the creation of a qualified fashion designers selection service able to meet the real needs of companies. Over the last ten years the agency has boosted its expertise and expanded its presence abroad to cover all continents, thanks to the commercial savvy of its current owner, Marina D’Altri.

On the strength of its extensive experience in the fashion design sector, Studio De Rosa offers clothing companies a qualified selection service of Italian and foreign designers, at no additional cost for the enterprises.

Ranging from women's prêt-à-porter to sports garments, accessories and underwear, the agency has a wide pool of fashion designers specializing in baby and toddler fashion, a sector in which it is a world leader, but also work clothes (Utility wear) and uniforms, with a focus on airline uniforms.

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